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Hicooltec Electronic was founded in 2001, is the production and sale of semiconductor refrigeration (Thermoelectric cooling) related products, professional firms, the main products are semiconductor cooling device (Thermoelectric module), semiconductor refrigeration components (Thermoelectric cooling unit), industrial air conditioner (Air conditioner for industries) and so on. The company has advanced production equipments and technology, strict quality management system, through the ISO9001 quality system certification. Refrigeration is a solid state semiconductor electronic (solid-state) cold source, compared to common refrigeration compressor, there is no mechanical transmission parts, no chemical refrigerants, so that it has no noise, no vibration, no pollution. Semiconductor refrigeration products have been widely used in military, industrial and consumer goods.   Semiconductor cooling product key is its reliability. Semiconductor cooling device is a lot of the semiconductor crystal (Semiconductor dice) consisting of all the semiconductor grains welded together to form a series circuit, if a solder joint failure means the failure of the semiconductor cooling device. Such as common TEC1-127xx device, including 508 within the solder joint, if a solder joint fa ...
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